CLA Practice Profitability Analysis (PPA): Data Request Instructions

CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA) is proud to offer dental practices a Practice Profitability Analysis. The analysis is a comprehensive evaluation of the current state of your practice, which is used to identify opportunities to increase profitability of the practice and lower operating expenses, using benchmarking and industry best practices.

To complete the analysis, we will need to obtain some financial and practice management information.

Please reach out to your CPA for the following information, and if you are already a CLA client, your CPA will pull the latest P&L statement for the analysis.

Financial ReportDate Range(s)
Profit & Loss StatementPrevious Calendar Year(Year-to-Year Comparison When Possible)Current YTD

We will also need the following reports from your practice management system:

  • Current Fee Schedule
  • Production Quantity Report (by code)
  • Production Detail Report
  • Adjustments Report
  • Collections Report

To simplify the process, below are step-by-step instructions on how to pull the reports, based on the practice management system used in your practice. Once all of your data is collected, please email to Maggie Garrigan at

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