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Practice Optimization Analysis Overview.

Our FREE Practice Optimization Analysis identifies areas of opportunity for your practice to increase your profitability by working smarter not harder. The analysis provides a profitability improvement range that is supported by the details in the analysis’ three sections. Once completed, our team will review the analysis with you and provide insight on immediate steps that can be taken to improve your revenue and cashflow.

What's Included

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Fee Analysis

The analysis begins with a review of your UCR fee schedule compared to your peers in your area—highlighting your top & lowest percentile fees as well as your top opportunities for fee increases.

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Code Utilization

The second section provides industry benchmarks for code utilization. The purpose of this section is to discuss how you can work smarter, not harder—making sure you are leveraging codes properly in your practice.

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Expense Management Opportunities

Below reviews various overhead expenses from your P&L versus industry benchmarks and identifies opportunities for cost reduction.

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