Private Practice Advisory Models

We help Private Practices improve profitability while maintaining ownership.

Our solutions are designed to help improve top-line revenue and production, as well as, reduce overhead expenses, improving your private practice’s profitability and EBITDA year over year. Our solutions help your practice work smarter, not harder!

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How we help Private Practices

Practice Optimization Analysis

Our Free Practice Optimization Analysis is a comprehensive evaluation of the current state of the practice that identifies opportunities to increase profitability and lower expenses through benchmarking and implementing industry best practices.

  • Potential Profitability Opportunity
  • UCF Fee Analysis (for your area)
  • Code Utilization Benchmarking
  • Overhead Expenses Benchmarking

Procedure Profitability Program

Our Procedure Profitability Program identifies opportunities for private practices to reduce costs and lead improvements by ADA Code. Analytics performed to identify:

  • Data-driven evaluation of providers & services within a practice
  • Identify areas of opportunity by service code to improve profitability
  • Implement Procedure Preference Cards
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Business Advisement

We would with your practice’s leadership team to:

  • Establish goals and budgets.
  • Create and review financials and key performance indicators, monthly.
  • Evaluate and coach on approach change with your team.

Expense Management

Dynamic Dental Advisors implements best practices and negotiates contracts to ensure overhead expense reduction.

  • Evaluate all expenses on your Profit & Loss Statement.
  • Implement a value analysis governance to track and control opportunities.
  • Deliver cost improvements that enable top clinical performance and reimbursement.
  • Negotiate discounted services for IT, Credit Card.
  • Processing, Insurance, Supplies, Lab & more.
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Revenue Enhancement

Dynamic Dental Advisors utilizes your current practices(s) revenue data to drive decisions to improve revenue including:

  • ADA code utilization evaluation.
  • PPO/Insurance Reimbursement.
  • Incorporate AI technologies to streamline patient care.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard.
  • P&L Review and Budgeting.

Practice Management

Our team of experienced practice management advisors provide support for practice(s) to optimize their systems and team:

  • Practice Systems Evaluation, Training, & Optimization.
  • Practice Management Software Training & Optimization.
  • Team Wage Reviews & Engagement Strategies.
  • HR Advisement and Support.
  • Leadership Coaching.
  • Associate Doctor Contracts.
  • Transition Planning.
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Our Support Models

Profitability Advisory Model

Virtual Support

$675 /mo

$650 /mo

Profitability Delivery Model

$4,000 /mo

$3,750 /mo

in-person Support

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