Szmanda Dental Center: Team Survey

Welcome Szmanda Dental Center Team!

Below is a brief survey we are asking each team member to complete. The survey is being conducted to help us assess how things are going at your office.

We want you to feel comfortable answering each question honestly, so you will not be asked to provide your name.

Please review each statement below and select the response that best matches your view on the topic being discussed. You can also provide (optional) comments below, to further clarify or support any of your responses.

Szmanda Dental Center Team Member Survey
All team members do what they can to provide exceptional customer service and a positive patient experience.
All team members work together and approach tasks and patient care as team effort.
All team members are happy and have pride in the practice and the care we provide.
All team members value the cost of the treatment provided to patients.
Our leaders are encouraging and value the team’s input.
Our leaders help team members understand the vision and values of the practice.
The culture of the practice promotes enthusiasm and team spirit.
Team members help each other without being asked.
Team members communicate effectively with one another and actively work to build a strong, supportive team.
Team members spread rumors, gossip or complain.
There are arguments or friction at the practice.
The primary focus/goal of the practice is making money.

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