5 Ways to Achieve Patient-Centered Care

1. Build Relationships

Nobody wants to feel like you’re just going through the motions during an appointment. Things like answering calls with a smile, greeting patients as they enter the practice, and getting to know them as individuals are what keep them coming back.

2. Listen & Educate

It’s important that everyone at the practice – not just the provider – is actively listening to and addressing the needs of each patient. This includes reviewing their reason for coming in and their options. This ensures a patient is comfortable with the team and with their care plan.

3. Remove Obstacles

Watch for potential barriers that would prevent patients from completing treatment. This could be anything from financial concerns to fear. Identifying those obstacles early allows you to work together to find solutions so they can move forward with their care.

4. Customize Care

No two people’s needs are exactly the same. It is important their treatment plan isn’t either. Involving patients in the decision-making process and tailoring treatments to their individual needs can dramatically increase treatment acceptance and satisfaction.

5. Seek Feedback

To be successful, it’s important to know what patients want and their true impression of your practice. Reviews and surveys are an easy way to check in with your patients. All patient feedback, even criticisms, is an opportunity to learn and grow to better serve your patients.

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