DDA Services

We know that each practice is unique and to best support each dentist, we design a customized solution for their practice(s) utilizing one of our service offerings outlined below:

Practice Optimization Analysis & Roadmap

To get started, we offer each practice a thorough, free Practice Optimization Analysis to identify opportunities to increase their profitability and decrease expenses by utilizing local and national benchmarks and best practices.

Following the analysis, in collaboration with the owner dentist, we design a tailored roadmap to support practice growth and financial sustainability.

Dental Initiatives

Dental Initiatives are offered to support practices for one-off projects and specific initiatives that an owner dentist may need assistance with but does not otherwise need a comprehensive solution and/or support. These initiatives fall into one of three categories outlined below:

Retained Model

Using this model, practices gain a remote support system to help answer questions, remove roadblocks, and receive expert guidance, while they implement opportunities uncovered in the Practice Optimization Analysis. For practices that select this approach, we are simply there to assist the practice with any issues, questions, or concerns.

Managed Model

This model is designed to enable dentists to focus on clinical excellence and maintain 100% ownership in their practice, while our team, in collaboration with the practice, focuses on the business needs of the practice. We work closely with the dentist and their team to help manage their overall strategy and their
business, financial and operational goals. This includes remote and in-person support to help the practice execute their profitability improvement plan.

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