Communication Tips for Better Case Acceptance

When presenting a treatment plan to a patient, are you talking with them, or to them?

It’s an important distinction that can help you build stronger, more trusting relationships with your patients and increase your case acceptance, too.

Here are some tips to help you communicate more effectively with your patients.

1. Begin the conversation by asking questions.

It’s important the patient feels heard & that you understand their goals/objective for the appointment.

2. Anticipate how they may react to their diagnosis and/or proposed treatment.

What’s “routine” for you is likely new for them. Make sure you spend time educating them on their oral health before diving into the treatment plan.

3. Acknowledge their concerns.

When a patient hears they need a root canal, implants, or any other procedure, they’re likely worried about the cost and pain associated. These are valid concerns you can address together.

4. Explain their options.

A patient is more likely to move forward when they are included in the treatment planning process. Even if there is only one treatment option, explaining the consequences of NOT moving forward is important, too.

5. Respect their decision.

It’s important to remember, patients have the right to refuse treatment. That’s why it’s essential they have the information they need when making decisions about their oral health.

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